How can I make sure the camera will be able to read my licence plate?

Our licence plate cameras are very reliable, making sure your licence plate is readable and positioning your vehicle correctly at the barrier will help ensure they are able to read your licence plate.

Before you come to the car park

Ensure your licence plate is not bent or damaged

  • Bent, marked or dirty licence plates can be difficult for the cameras to read. If your front licence plate is heavily damaged you may need to use your credit card to enter and exit the car park


When driving up to the barrier

Position your vehicle so you can reach the ticket machine

  • Don't park too far to the left, the camera may not be able to see the last digit on your licence plate
  • Don't drive hard up against the barrier arm, it may block the camera's view of your licence plate

If the camera doesn't read first time insert the credit card you used to book in the Eftpos terminal, this can also be used to identify your booking.

If your credit card does not open the barrier please press the button on the terminal to speak to our operators who will assist you.


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